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About Me

I have been deeply interested in music ever since I was a child. I finished my studies at the conservatory of Žilina with accordion as my primary subject and conducting as my secondary subject.  After that, I read theory of music at the Academy of Arts in Bratislava. I have acquired my PhD. in musicology at Masaryk University of Brno. Currently, I am a lecturer at the Sound Composition Studio of the Academy of Arts in Bratislava. My professional interest in music engraving stemmed from the practical need to produce scores in my career as a conductor, arranger and composer.  My engravings appear in numerous works of professional and scientific literature and often sit on top of the musicians' racks. A thorough experience in teamwork and a serious study of professional literature stand as a guarantee of good cooperation.

Film music composition represents a field in which I can fully exhibit my artistic instincts. The union of music and picture has been fascinating me from the point of perceiving an audio-visual work as an integrated whole, with the composer's contribution being an indispensable part and often a semantic unit of the whole work.  A broad spectrum of the themes appearing in the films require the usage of compositional approaches typical for both classical and popular music of varied styles and genres. It can be perhaps best seen on my three-year collaboration with the Animonline animation studio whilst creating the Ovce.sk (Sheep.sk) series which has received a number of awards both home and abroad.

I am highly familiar with composing scenic and media music along with arranging compositions, especially with vocal parts, where I can make use of my rich experience as an artistic director and choir conductor.

I am passionate about my job - and that can be seen in my results.