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Why Ask a Professional?

Nowadays, there is a wide selection of free engraving software that satisfies the basic need to write down musical ideas and their arrangement. An option to buy more sophisticated software such as Finale or Sibelius is not very costly either. These programmes usually have user-friendly interfaces which allow the production of rather satisfactory results even without deeper background in computer science and music engraving.

However, problems arise in such cases when one wishes to produce professional-grade sheet music with only basic software and the tools to achieve such level of quality are not at hand. In other cases, one lacks advanced skills in the usage of engraving software or in the process of engraving itself. Unfortunately, our experience tells us that re-formatting existing scores often takes more time than preparing them from scratch.

The engraving software currently contains and follows the basic engraving rules, but no software can ever achieve the results of a professional music engraver. Only the human user can influence the product's final quality. A professional music engraver's work goes further than just to respect the engraving rules which have gone through a long development process. It also requires a wide variety of individual approaches in preparation of music scores.  Every piece is unique and the score making process needs to respect this fact. Furthermore, music analyses require special treatment when creating non-standard glyphs which can be incorporated into the engraving

An engraver's professional work also helps the performer to improve their performance in the right choice of page turns, line breaks, font size, variant etc.

Clear, easy-to-read, and quickly available engravings are the hallmarks of our service. Engraving is not only a craft, but also an art.