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Music Engraving

Since 2000, I have been providing professional music engraving service, respecting the industry standards whilst satisfying the clients’ individual needs. My background in the theory of music and experience in interpretation guarantee the understanding of the musical text and correct engraving. The wide variety of the projects I have successfully completed encompasses a range of works from those in mediaeval notation to present-day compositions.  As for the difficulty level, the works range from single-voice folk songs to orchestral scores. The final engravings have appeared not only in scientific studies and monographs at home or abroad, but also on the racks of performing artists.  

The Finale music software with its vast inventory of plug-ins is a flexible means of sheet music production. The various output formats offer a wide range of uses from print to internet publishing. 


Sheet Music in Braille

I have recently extended my offering with music engraving in Braille, which requires a special preparation technique. This highly specialised area of engraving opens up a new world of opportunities in broadening the repertoire of visually impaired musicians.

A lifetime of experience is a guarantee of quality as well as an assurance of quick project realisation.