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Veselé zúbky (Happy Teeth)

Veselé zúbky (Happy Teeth) is a social project of dm drogerie markt that has become popular with both kids and their parents. The project includes six songs of the Slovak singer Miro Jaroš, through which our youngest can learn how to take good care of their teeth. I transcribed the songs from CD and engraved the songs for playing at home and for preparing programmes with simple instrumental accompaniment in kindergartens.

Vianočné vločky

The Christmas songs, edited by an important Slovak ethnomusicologist, Ondrej Demo, were performed in the Great Concert Studio of Slovak Radio (RTVS) in Bratislava. The songs were presented under the name Vianočné vločky (Christmas Snowflakes) in an arrangement for the Orchestra of Folk Instruments of the Slovak Radio, conducted by Miroslav Dudík. I supplied the complete engraving, exported the parts, printed and bound the scores after a detailed study and analysis of the work, paying special attention to the page turns as the work had the form of a suite with the parts starting attacca.

Vajnory spievajú

A collection of songs named Vajnory spievajú ([the town of] Vajnory is Singing) has recendly been made available in our music shops. It contains 301 songs that were engraved by me and a team of amazing colleagues who were also professionals in the field.

The author of the publication is an important Slovak musical folklorist and ethnomusicologist, PhDr. Ondrej Demo, CSc., who presents the outcomes of his long-term research in this collection and offers a complex picture of the rich musical folklore of the Vajnory municipality.

Kolo, kolo mlynské

I also engrave tunes for the little ones – you can find them in the book Kolo, kolo mlynské (Ring-a-Ring o' Roses). The book was edited by Elena Slobodová and the beautiful illustrations were drawn by Katarína Gasko. Along with songs, the book also contains poems, riddles, games and fairy tales.